Thursday, November 20, 2008

Computer Hackers

The Illinois Lincoln Highway listserv through GoogleGroups got hacked. I am taking the links down, then trying to clean up the listserv. The chances of those responsible getting caught are slim to none because they could come from anywhere in the world.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


If you missed the PBS / WQED documentary, A Ride Along the Lincoln Highway it is not too late! You can order a copy on DVD from WQED here. They will start shipping on December 1st, so just in time for Christmas. And please, print off a page from the WQED Web site, take it to your local public library, and suggest that they purchase a copy.

The documentary covers something from all over the Lincoln Highway and LHA's own Brian Butko worked as the historian. It features an interview with Lynn Asp at the Headquarters in Franklin Grove and interviews with many of the LHA members who attended the Evanston, Wyoming conference. There are pictures of the school buses used for the Wyoming tour that everybody who went to the conference talked about afterward. The new, comfortable buses for the Utah west tour could not be used on the dusty, more rugged Wyoming east tour. The documentary has spectacular images as the Lincoln Highway crosses through some of the most beautiful areas in the United States.

Not all of the video footage could fit into the one-hour PBS program, so check out the video links of extra information here!


There are a few recent Lincoln Highway songs.

The group Shadric wrote a song called Rollin' Down That Lincoln Highway with three different versions. The 2008 lyrics are printed here. There is a keyboards only version to listen to here.

Buddy McNutt wrote a completely new song for the PBS special, Goin' All the Way. You can listen to it by going here and clicking the Listen button. If it looks like and sounds like . . . it must be a ukulele!

The group Cornbread performing Lincoln Highway at Floodstock in July of 2008, a fund-raiser for victims of the horrible flooding in Iowa, especially Cedar Rapids. My bet is that someone recorded the video using a camera phone:

The rock band Sublime which no longer plays together did a tune called Lincoln Highway Dub which was instrumental. They used the same tune for another song later. This is the instrumental version: