Monday, January 21, 2008

New Book Coming Out on the Lincoln Highway!

OK, Surprise #1 is now out!

Cynthia Ogorek has a new book on the Lincoln Highway in Illinois coming out in March. It is linked from here.

Arcadia Publishers have books out all over the place, so when this book comes out it will be one more step in raising awareness of the Lincoln Highway in Illinois.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Two BIG Surprises!

Keep checking back during the month of February to find out about two BIG surprises!!

More Lincoln Highway Fun on YouTube

From our friends in Nebraska, a Lincoln Highway Tourism Video:

Brick Portion of Lincoln Highway in Ohio at risk:

Professor I. Ron Gnees at the Lincoln and Henry Joy Monuments in Wyoming

30 Second Nebraska Tourism TV Ad:

Folks in Valparaiso, Indiana recover a Marker formerly held at an Indiana State Highway worker's previous residence:

Link Wray High Way Lincoln Highway in DeKalb as seen at 180 m.p.h. (sort of)! We can ask our former drag racing star if this really what the world looks like at 180 m.p.h., although there's no turning around at the silo in drag racing!

Update on the Berwyn Car Kabob/Spindle

For folks asking about the Berwyn Car Kabob (real name Spindle), the non-profit groups so far are short of the money needed to move it and restore it. But take a look at all of the people involved in a bike fund-raising event:

Preservation = An Energized and Involved Public