Saturday, December 30, 2006

Joliet Area Historical Museum

This picture is from Wayne Silvius and it is just one of many cool things at the Joliet Area Historical Musuem. They keep adding more exhibits. If you have never been, I recommend taking a trip. If you have not been in a year or two, it is worth checking out to see what is new!

The Joliet Area Historical Museum recently acquired a 1928 Lincoln Highway marker, one of the ones the Boy Scouts erected. That was thanks to the work of John Weiss. It was unveiled on November 11th, 2006, coinciding with the 80th birthday of Route 66. Road Dog has a story about the events that day on the American Road Magazine messages Web site.

Lincoln Highway Online Newsletter

Russell Rein from Michigan writes a national online Lincoln Highway newsletter and he set up an account for Lincoln Highway on the American Roads Magazine Web site. That gives us a little free advertising. Anyway, to see the online newsletter and check out the messages about the Lincoln Highway, go to:

American Roads Lincoln Highway Messages


2007 Calendar

There are a lot of activities for 2007. Here are the ones that are known with links, although some of the Web sites do not have the 2007 activities calendars known yet:

March 10th, 2007: Franklin Grove Headquarters, Conference Committee at 11:00 a.m. followed by a Board Meeting, 12:30 p.m.

May 4th-5th: Dutch Days in Fulton

Tentative May 12th: Joint Membership Meeting with the Iowa Chapter in Franklin Grove (probably Saturday, May 12th. I am waiting for 100% confirmation with the folks in Iowa)

June 9th-10th: Ashton Summer Festival

June 18th-22nd: LHA National Conference in Fort Morgan, Colorado

Aug. 4th-5th: Franklin Grove Summer Harvest Festival

Aug. 9th-11th: Lincoln Highway Buy-Way Yard Sale

Aug. 25th-27th: Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival in Rochelle

and at the same time, just a bit east of Rochelle is:

Aug. 25th-27th: DeKalb Corn Fest

There is interest in the group of folks meeting each other at these events. That would be fantastic!

Also, many of these events have parades and old car contests that are open for lots of people to participate.

Dixon has a Petunia Parade every year and Creston has a Booster Days Parade sometime every fall. If anyone knows the dates for those, please share them!